New Billing and Client Maintenace Portal

  • Wednesday, 7th August, 2019
  • 21:14pm

For the last 6 months we busy migrating to a new billing and Client Management Portal and this process is finally complete and testing with a small subset of users has finished. The new system offers management of your account, your payment details, and the services in that account, as well as a increasing your security and improving the accuracy of our billings. As such, we are switching all users over the new system as of today.


You will receive in the next 24 hours login details to the new system. Please either record these details, or login and change the password. Like always, we recommend using strong random passwords, and a password store, such as the free browser extension, LastPass, to maintain password security.


As we are switching off the manual invoicing method, we will no longer be issuing invoices from Xero, all invoices for hosting services will be generated from this new system. this system is not compatible with Ezidebit, and therefore if you are currently paying by Ezidebit, Unfortunately this system will be retired by the end of the month Any payment due after the 19th of this month will not be processed via Ezidebit, and will require that you register your payment method in the client portal before the due date. Please login and register your Credit or Debit card details with the system when you receive your first invoice notification. This will securely save the card in the fully PCI Compliant Stripe payment gateway. No Credit Card details are ever sent to this server, and your details are fully secure. You can login at any time and update your details, removing the current need to call us, and update your details manually, further increasing your security, and control over payments methods.


Please do not ignore emails from this system, suspensions and interruptions to service, and possible terminations (removal of files and data) can occur if invoices remain unpaid after the due dates. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you experience any difficulties in using the new system, however we are confident that your will find it user friendly and simple


Thank you for your ongoing support

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