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You should always hire a professional to build your business website, but sometimes, you just want something quick, easy and cheap. Maybe you want a simple landing page for a promotion you are running, or you are building a proof of concept for your new business. 

Now you can use get the top rate support from IC-Hosting, Australian based hosting, and get a wix/weebly experience using the top industry leading Site.Pro platform.

Now available to all Basic and Business Hosting packages, and can be found under your configuration options. How to change configuration options

Try it for one FREE month with the promocode: FreeSitePro_OneMonth (Once per client,Applies to configuration Option price only.. Normal charges continue unless cancelled)

Need some help to get those final touches on your site after you get it almost there? We can help, and put those final professional touches.

Our platform vs Wix

A comparison between Wixs and Site.Pro

Don't forget though, for the best results, we offer high quality custom website development, built in unique to region technology that is far faster and more secure than Wordpress and other offerings. We also offer Zero Upfront Rented Web Development, which allows you to pay off the site over 12 or 24 months

Demo available at http://site.pro.ic-hosting.com.au/en/brand/573402/

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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