To all our clients who are effected by the COVID-19 pandemic we would like to offer what ever support we can.

Free* COVID messaging updates to your sites

We have already let you know that we can offer relief packages by the reduction, or even freezing in your hosting plans over the period of time where you are experience significant down turn. 

We are also announcing today that we will offer significantly discounted consulting rates to put announcements up on your websites where you require to let your customer know about change in your business that effect them. Were possible, and your site is simple to add this message, we will attempt to do this for free.

Keep safe, and we will see you all come out the other side of these hard times.

* Some sites may require more complex work to put up messaging. Free assumes a website that has the ability to make updates to easily, and that the messages are simple, and styling using existing styling on the website

Nigel Archer

28-05-2020 - Monitoring Exchange Rates

With a partial, and sustained recovery of the AUD/USD exchange rates, we have rolled back 50% of the price increases from earlier in the year applied to VPC services. This change has already been applied to all client's and the renewal in June will be at the new reduced rates.We will continue to monitor the rates, with the aim to completely roll back the price changes once historic averages are restored and sustained.

29-03-2020 - Monitoring Exchange Rates

Hi all, as indicated in our previous email, out costs are heavily coupled to the US/AUD exchange rate. Since hitting the lowest value in 17 years, the AUD has pulled back to the low 60c ranges. This still puts us in at a significant loss position on most our product offerings at 2019 prices. However, we are hoping that if it can continue to recover and hold around the 65c we can roll back these prices to 2019 prices + 10%. We are not interested in profiteering off these times, and just working to stay afloat. Further, depending on what government support packages materialise, we may be able to pass these savings onto our clients. It is too early to make a concrete call on this however we will notify you as soon as we understand the financial modelling that these packages mean.

I understand that shifting these prices around is worst than just picking a price and running with it, however we do not wish to put more stress on businesses during this time. We do not foresee any needs for further increases, so any shifting will be to LOWER the prices. What this post for future information once it become available.

18-03-2020 - Previous Announcement

No doubt you are aware that the current economic conditions are putting strain on the economy, including a significant drop in the Australian Dollar to the lowest it has been in 17 years.  

Unfortunately, almost all of our operating costs are based in USD. The exchange rate coupled with significant inflation of Australian based operating costs, means we cannot absorb these fluctuations and remain sustainable. 

With this in mind, we have made the difficult decision to update our pricing across a wide range of services for the first time in our operational history. Due to the extreme movements in exchange rate, with further downtrend likely, these will be effective from today (this will not effect any renewal invoices raised prior this notice. Due to the number of items that need updating, it may take a few days in implement, therefore invoices raised after today may need to be updated with the new amounts):

  • Shared Hosting (Email, excluding Office 365 and Website hosting, excluding Content Managed Static Site): +10%
  • Office 365 and other Microsoft Licencing: No Change at this time, this may if our local channel pass on their costs. We will notify affected users if this occurs.
  • Content Managed Static Site: No Change at this time.
  • Virtual Private Servers: +20%
  • Cloud Networking (VPNs, Data storage and bandwidth): 20%
  • Usage based cloud billing: No Change - This already calculates USD -> AUD at the time of invoicing.
  • SSL Certificates: +15%
  • Other software components (such as Open VPN): +20%
  • SiteLock. Site.Pro site builder, CodeGuard, Personal VPN and SpamExperts: No Change
  • Remote Backup (Crashplan Pro also increased their price in USD): +25%
  • Webmaster, Web Development and other consulting chargers: No Change
  • Managed Server Upgrades: No Change
  • Domains: No Change at this time, our upstream supplier of global TLDs has increased prices, and as long as they do not increase again, we will absorb these costs.

We understand that no pricing increase notice is ever welcome, particularly at these uncertain times. We offer a number of options to assist with your budgeting, such as monthly vs annual billing, and are here to help where ever we can. It is also our hope that we can rollback these increases once the AUD recovers to more historic average prices.

We can offer relief packages if during the next few months you find that you are suffering a significant downturn. These will be considered on a case by case basis, and can range from downsizing your plans for a short period, to moving them into cold storage for later reactivation once business resumes. If you need support during the coming months, open a support case, and we will work through your needs together.

If you are using a Private Server, we can look at options such as turning it off over night, which can significantly reduce you costs, and we also now support true cloud usage billing, meaning you can pay for only the hours that the server is on. This service was in testing phase, but with the current environment, we feel that expediting this to general availability may offer relief when it is most needed. An example is, if you only have the server on 9-5, you can reduce the compute portion of your bill by up to 60% (Note: Disk storage is charge while in use regardless of the server power state).

We always pride ourselves on offering a tailored, personalised service, and can likely find reduced package that fits yours reduced needs.

With the above small adjustments to our pricing modelling, we are well situated to continue offering you the first class personal support that we have been offering local businesses for the last 15 years.

Thank you for your continued support, and we wish you all the best in the coming months, and for every ones safety.

Monday, March 23, 2020

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