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Stripe: Credit Cards

We currently offer two methods of payment in the new system, Credit Card (any Credit or Debit card - no extra fees for Amex!) and PayPal. When you elect to use Credit Card (Stripe), the details never pass through our server and are securely stored with the PCI compliant provider, Stripe. These details will be used as each due date falls for each invoice, unless cancelled, allowing you to "set and forget" your hosting renewals. When the card approaches the expiry, the system will alert you, allowing you to login and update it with confidence that your services will remain current and in your control.

You can manage your card details as per these instructions:


We recommend Stripe to all users however provide PayPal to those who wish to pay from their Bank Account using PayPal on a manual invoice by invoice basis.

Unlike your local coffee shop, we do NOT charge any payment gateway fees.

Bank Deposit, Cheques and Cash

Unfortunately, we can no longer support other payment methods, such as Bank Deposits, Cash or Cheque in the new billing system, but we believe that the payment methods we are supporting makes your life easier. If there is some other payment method that you would like to see, let us know, and we will investigate. (we have another one in secret development now, which a few of you more digitally progressive in currency may love).

We believe that some do not support this decision, and we do apologise for this, however, having tried to support both a client portal, and manual payments methods in the past (fighting against the portal's systems the whole time), and trailing manual invoicing without a self-service portal for the last 5 years (with multiple entry of service changes resulting in service and billing errors), this is the by far much better outcome for both parties.

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